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(153) K.


Gisteren heb ik je nieuwe cd aangeschaft.
Hij is echt geweldig!!!!

Groetjes uit Holland..
(152) Lisa

Wanneer geeft jan Mulder een concert in Nederland?
(151) archi

hello...i am really like your music.
(150) John Van Iperen

Jan, you have a fabulous ability to produce wonderful music. What a beautiful God-given blessing! I look forward to listening to your new album many times with the family as we have also listened to your previous albums. Wishing you God's continued blessings. John and Francine Van Iperen and Family
(149) Scott Alberg

I just wanted to tell you that I received Jan Mulder's CD this morning and I think today is the happiest day of my life! Really. You are BEYOND extraordinary, Jan! Quite frankly, you are the elite among the elite! Really. I just don't know what else to say... perhaps THANK YOU would be the most appropriate thing to say. With tremendous respect, gratitude and admiration,
Scott Alberg
(148) Steve Wallace

Just saw you on PBS.
Fantastic !!!!
(147) Jorunn Almås

Thank you for the beautiful music, you are truly a great artist.
(146) Benjamin Gerwin Martijn Roelfs


Ik ben een beginnend pianist/componist en ik ben 15 jaar oud.
Ik heb al een prelude-reeks geschreven, een paar etudes, en ik ben nu bezig aan een beschrijving van mijn leven aan de hand van muziek. Als u tijd heeft, kunt u dan luisteren naar een van mijn opnames?

Met Vriendelijke Groet, Benjamin Roelfs
(145) Lineta & Bill Pritchard

We are so delighted that our paths crossed with you and your family on top of the mountain and look forward to having you at the Red House soon. Your music is wonderful and I enjoyed the video on moving the piano!! All the best, Lineta and Bill
(144) Trond Fykse

I just ordered the sheet music for "Air Gracieux". A truly beautiful piece. I am looking forward to playing it. Thank You.

Kind Regards from Trond Fykse.
(143) idith van leeuwen

hoi Jan,

wat een enorm fijn leven zal jij hebben!! Je zit volledig in je passie! muziek!
ik wist niet wat ik zag toen ik deze site zag! Je woont nu dus in de VS en ik hoop dat
je het daar goed hebt!! heel veel succes en geluk gewenst door mij

idith van leeuwen
(142) Door van der Wolf

(141) Genie Osteen

I enjoyed your performance so much that I purchased your CD "Ocean of Dreams". I am thoroughly enjoying listening to it.

(140) Takashi

I'm a great fan of Mr. Jan Mulder.
His music makes me peaceful. I'm Japanese , living in France.

Kind regards
(139) Peggy Guerrero

I have heard the wonderful music of Jan Mulder on Classic FM.nl streamed from Holland. As part of my mornings, I go to that website almost first thing upon arriving at work. His music stood out, pleasant, beautiful, from all those classical favorites. Then I saw his recent America show on PBS and I was hooked!

My parents are from North Holland and you and your family are somehow almost familiar to me! Thank you for your lovely music,

(138) Jane Marie Rysdyk

Thank you so much for your performance yesterday. It was beautiful. We talked about it all day.
(137) JoAnn Parker

I am at this moment watching your show on PBS. What fun!! Beautiful music done with humor which only adds to the enjoyment. All in all- a delightful experience. Thanks
(136) Barbara Joan Reed

Your "Jan Mulder in Concert" is fantastic. I have shown the DVD at three occasions here and each showing of the concert plus the special feature, "Meet the Mulders", was enthusiastically received. Thank you, thank you, but we want more!! Welcome to the USA. Barbara
(135) Bart a

I like you music!!!

(134) Michael Slane

I truly love your music. Can't wait for what music you make next. Please Come to Rochester N.Y. and do a concert at the Eastman School of Music.