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(33) Cheryl

We would definitely be interested in a fall concert. I brought my 15 year old neighbor who plays the piano.
Thank you,
(32) John and Emma

We really enjoyed the concert ! We did not know such professional talent existed in the world! We hope there will be a repeat performance!
P.S. We hebben er erg van genoten!
John and Emma
(31) Alida

I can’t tell you how very much we enjoyed the concert at Central Wesleyan! That was first class! We are so looking forward to another - we will definitely be taking some friends along with us next time.
I wish well with your immigration and hope you and your family will be happy in the US. Ik ben ook van Nederland maar kan niet so good schryven - well spreken. I was 8 years old when we came over - that about 52 years ago! My sister (who still lives in Nederland) has a son who also went to the conservatory in Utrecht.
Welcome and we look very forward to another concert - it was good for my soul!
(30) Bernhard Slijkhuis

I´ve respect for you! The Ballad of Lost Love is a beautiful song.
Also your DVD is perfect work! It´s more than successful!
Well done.
Best regards, Bernhard Slijkhuis
(29) Willie

Ik vind het geweldig hoe super goed u piano speelt. Ik vind het echt GEWELDIG.
(28) Hazel

We also thoroughly enjoyed the Jan Mulder concert last Saturday. Thank you for this outstanding performance.
(27) Sharon

I enjoyed your concert very much. It was fantastic. Hope you will do another one here in the fall.
(26) Jude

It is this community that thanks you for the absolutely spell binding concert on Saturday. I read about the concert in the Sentinel the Sunday prior never having heard of your before reading the article and after listening to the website pieces of music I just knew that this concert was to be something incredibly special and that I just had to attend. Your music touches my heart and several of your pieces brought tears to my eyes. I purchased your new CD before the concert started and have been enjoying your work this week to and from work. We are very very, very fortunate. I look forward to hearing more of your works in the years to come. Thank you for all the work that went into making the concert a reality. I imagine the effort was sizable. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift of music with me! I was thrilled to have seats right behind the VIPs and was able to watch you closely.
(25) John and Gesine

We enjoyed your concert tremendously. It was fantastic to listen to such great music by all the 86 musicians. Thank you so much. We hope you will have a Fall Concert here also, we will be in the audience cheering you on.
Groetjes van,
John and Gesine
(24) Linda

My daughter, Kassi, and I attended Saturday concert. It was wonderful! We would welcome another concert in the area and would definitely attend! Thank you for a great evening!
(23) Mary

What a great surprise to have you visit and bring me ; Coming to America. In person! Wow. I am in awe. It was such a kind gesture and I appreciate it very much.
I have listened to the CD already. I love that it ends with The Dance of Joy, that is how I want to feel after all the cancer treatments!
Thank you again for your generosity and kindness. It means a lot to me.
(22) Marlene

Please schedule another concert by Jan Mulder. I have heard excellent reviews, the best ever heard. Thank you for considering another exciting evening of quality performance.
(21) Ed

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for an absolutely outstanding and delightful concert last Saturday evening. I attended with one of my son’s; we were on the edge of our seats the entire evening, experiencing an entire array of emotions. It was wonderful! We would love to have the opportunity to attend another concert, possibly in the same venue. Please consider a concert, maybe in the fall of this year.
(20) Karen

My folks went to Jan concert and LOVED it. I was unable to go. We were talking about it and we were all hoping that he would have another concert in the future, because I would sure make it a point to go to that one. I will be looking for future concerts.
(19) Norma

We attended the Jan Mulder concert and thought it was GREAT!! It was more than I expected.

(18) Beth

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know we really enjoyed the concert. I hope you feel this was a successful concert.
(17) Ross

Thank you very much for such a great concert this past Saturday evening! We really enjoyed ourselves and were blessed with all of the talent on stage!!
(16) Karen

As I am listening to Prayer for Peace, on the Coming to America CD. This morning, my father is undergoing a procedure to determine the cause of his heart attack he had Sunday night. The song spoke to my heart in a special way; thank you for being God instrument.
- Karen
(15) Myron

Jan, I really enjoyed the concert. Great selection of pieces.
(14) Tish

Thank you for a fantastic evening of beautiful music. Tish and I enjoyed EVERY MUSICAL SELECTION!!!!! One of our very best dates together. EVERY I spoke with totally enjoyed the evening. Thank you for being a blessing to Tish and I and so many others on Saturday evening. I want to be first in line to purchase a DVD of the concert. God bless you and your family, Jan! You have blessed us! So Thankful!