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(53) John Graham

My wife and I are VERY excited to receive news about Oceans of Dreams. I’m planning ton purchasing it online at the earliest convenience.
John Graham, composer
(52) ZL

Recently on the Hour of Power Program I listened to the beautiful and unique sound of Jan Mulder. I have tried everywhere in New Zealand to purchase a CD without any luck. Can you send me a list of his CD and how I can purchase them so I can share this wonderful person with all my friends and family here? Your help would be so much appreciated.
Z. L.
Osbaldiston, New Zealand
(51) A.H.

I was very fortunate to be able to see Jan Mulder perform as we had arrived in California. What an elegant way to start a trip! When I heard Jan Mulder music I could not get the tunes out of my head. We waited in a long line after the performance to buy the CD, but unfortunately they sold out. The following Sunday from my hotel room I tuned into the Hour of Power to hear Jan beautiful music again. Again I could not get the music out of my head.
I was able to purchase two CDs of Grandezza and I got the name of this website from the CD. The website is very good, informative and user friendly. Needless to say I have bookmarked the website. I will purchase all of Jan Mulder CD’s. What a gift he has! I would love to hear Jan Mulder perform again. Keep up the good work! I send best wishes for continued success for all who get Jan beautiful music to the rest of the world. Thank you!

(50) MC

My brother came to visit here for 2 week and you know what he gave to me as a present the CD ‘Grandezza’.
We have Mexicans working for us they were crazy about number "The Hero".
They where whistling the tune for quite a while even in harmony.
If you're coming to Canada, Ontario, I think a lot of duties would enjoy you're marvelous music.
Bye for now,
(49) Donna

Thank you for asking about my reaction to this website. I’m very happy with it as I have learned about Jan Mulder and his exceptional talent and musical ability. I had never heard his music before I purchased his CD ‘Grandezza’. I’ve listened to it several times now, and I LOVE the music! I can’t stop listening to it! The music is exquisite! I’d like to know if Jan Mulder and his orchestra are planning another concert tour to America this year. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, a western state next to California. I hope if he comes back to this region, he’ll make plans to play either here in Phoenix or in California again.
Donna Bergman, Phoenix, Arizona USA
(48) Tillie

Who else but me again. Is there any possibility of getting an address for Jan Mulder from you? I would like to drop him a note or card to tell him just how very much I enjoy his music. It’s a wonder I don’t have the CD worn out I play them so often. The Grandezza is one beautiful tape. I find it so relaxing, and so often I end up at the piano playing the melody along with the CD. I would like to ask him if he plans on writing some of his wonderful music for piano. I love the Rondo Marcando, and especially the Prayer for Peace II. Those have to be my favorites. But the others are every bit as beautiful. I would like to have the opportunity to meet him in person one day. But I am already 75 plus yrs. so I may not be fortunate to have the pleasure of meeting him. Maybe, when he comes to Chilliwack again????
Trust all is well with you.
(47) Nicolas

Dear Mr. Mulder,
Since a number of years I have in my possession an old recording of yours named; Jan Mulder at the Cavaille-Coll organ in Rouen, France; (Festivo label). I am a professional organ builder native from Colombia, trained in Belgium and passionate for fine CD recordings (with over 1200 titles in my collection), and let me tell you: your recording is one of my very favorites.
I have just visited your Website and became acquainted with your intense career as a musician. Nevertheless I saw (tell me if I am wrong) that you seem to be less active as an organist these days. Why is it so?
Your Franck Choral No. 2 is not only the best I have ever heard by far, but it is so perfect I could not think of any other being better. Hope you keep on with more organ music recordings. Very fine improvisation as well ending this CD.
With respectful congratulations, yours faithfully,
(46) Freddy

Ik ben een verzamelaar van handtekeningen. Ik ben in het bezit van ruim 3.800 originele handtekeningen van politici, artiesten, auteurs, en sportlui, die allemaal met de meeste zorg bewaard worden in een alfabetisch klassement.
Nu zou ik graag ook ugrave;w naam toevoegen aan deze collectie, vandaar mijn vraag of ik uw handtekening zou kunnen verkrijgen op een foto, of op een gewoon blad papier. Ik zou het in elk geval ten zeerste weten te waarderen mocht u aan mijn vraag willen tegemoet komen.
Dank bij voorbaat, en nog veel succes in uw professionele carriere en in uw prive leven.
Met vriendelijke groeten,
(45) Patricia Goede

The concert was exceptional! It was a European experience recognizing famous composers from around the world then transporting its audience back to America. Jan Mulder, director and pianist, his three sons, the soprano, orchestra, choir and backdrop were truly top-notch professionals. It was an evening to remember!
(44) Mayor Al McGeehan

Good morning, Jan. Please accept my personal ‘thank you’ for not only ‘Coming to America’ but for coming to Holland. Last evening concert was a world class event for our city. Your talent and passion for performance proved to be an exceptional combination which delivered to the audience a powerful concert and most enjoyable evening. My wife and I look forward to many more evenings with Jan Mulder and The Mulder Boys!

Mayor Al McGeehan
(43) Lela

I have enjoyed listening to your CD over and over. My daughter was home from The Netherlands and she was so thrilled to be able to hear you. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I do hope you will consider another concert, perhaps a Christmas Concert would be great. I also hope to hear more from your boys. May God Bless each of you,
(42) Charles Aschbrenner

Dear Jan, Elise, Matthew, Simeon and Gabriel,
C’etait merveilleux, magnifique! Quelle belle programme! C’etait un succes foux!
I congratulate you all on your wonderful and hugely successful project! I can’t imagine how it all came together so well! It was totally enjoyable, from beginning to end ;and the backdrop, too, was a wonderful addition to the concert that gave the eyes something beautiful to view. Now comes the editing I suppose, for your new CD and DVD. Maybe submit it to National Public Television for their fund raising events???
I hope the letdown this week isn’t too hard to take. Perhaps a little vacation?
All best wishes for your future success(es).
PS. I was extremely proud of the boys performances! Happy 4th of July!
Charles Aschbrenner
Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Music Department of Music
Hope College Holland, Michigan
(41) Vickie Miller

Thank you for your superb concert at Central Wesleyan Auditorium. We have since been telling friends and family about this extraordinary experience. Please express our gratitude to the many people who worked with you to make such a delightful evening possible. It is such a joy to have talent such as yours available. You can definitely plan on us attending a future performance. We hope you won’t wait too long!
Welcome to your new home!
Dan and Vicki Miller
(40) Jim De Boer

Dear Jan,
We have not met, but I would like to thank you for the concert Saturday night.
It was stunning. Simply stunning.
The music, the orchestration, staging, backdrop, etc were at an incredible level of excellence.
Thanks again for your excellence in lifting the musical standards of our art.
(39) Sharon Heyboer

Dear Mr. Mulder,
I just wanted to let you know the CDs I ordered last Monday arrived by the end of the week, and I am enjoying them almost as much as the concert. It was a wonderful experience and I hope there will be many more to come.
Thank you for a wonderful evening!
(38) Hal

My wife and I attended your concert, what a wonderful evening. It was a real treat to hear an Old World music concert. Everyone who preformed was of highest quality. The word is spreading fast as to the quality for the concert. Thank You again for a great evening!
(37) J.R.

Your concert was absolutely wonderful; please return for a fall concert. I am a local piano instructor and a lover of the fine arts, so this program really drew me. I also was born in the Netherlands and have been in the US since the age of 6, another reason I felt compelled to attend!. When I, along with my mother, entered the auditorium, we were overcome by the beautiful back drop. We were completely taken to a different time and place! And when the music started, oh my, I still get goose bumps. It was fabulous, the likes of which I have never seen (or heard) around here before. Not only was the music awesome, the comedy that was interjected was wonderful. And those three boys, oh, to have students who play like that!! I hope that the possibility exists for you to perform here on a regular basis. I am spreading the word to anyone I know that it will be an event that they will not want to miss.
Thank you.
(36) Angeline

The Jan Mulder concert in Holland, Michigan was one of the finest concerts we have attended. We encourage you to consider future concerts for the Holland area. We have been blessed by the talent that God has displayed in the music presented.
Steve and Angeline
(35) Larry & Julie

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your concert and hope that you will have another one in Holland or close by in the near future. Thanks again for a wonderful time. How about a CHRISTMAS Concert?
Larry and Julie
(34) Dorothy

What a fabulous evening!!! We enjoyed the concert so much. I’ve been enjoying the CD, daily. I’ll be looking forward to another concert, in the Fall!!!